(b.1992 Stoke-on-Trent, England)

Joe Rowley is an independent curator and researcher based in Göteborg, SE. Ongoing projects include Raumdeuter Radio (2020-26) which couples audio artworks with public transport routes to reinterpret the social and physical space of the city; Ephemeral Care (2020-) a digital platform dedicated to exploring ethics, strategies and practice in artist-led and self-organised initiatives; and The Exhibition is in Transit (2021-) publication series featuring artworks and texts from a range of contributors examining the possibilities, transitions, precarity and challenges within exhibition-making through the prism of new technologies and platforms in the post-pandemic cultural and institutional landscape.

Rowley holds qualifications in Fine Art and Curatorial Practice from Nottingham Trent University, HDK-Valand (Göteborgs Universitet) and the NODE Centre, Berlin. In 2014 he founded H U T T a gallery space that emphasised working with emerging artists to further their development. In 2017 H U T T was featured in Kevin Hunt's Artist Led Hot 100 as one of the most exciting artist-led organisations in Britain. He was the lead curator for the 2016 UK New Artists National Festival in Derby and the UKNA involvement in BJCEM’s Mediterranea 18: Tirana & Düress in 2017. Rowley has been involved in projects and/or exhibited as part of the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), Propositions Art Fair (2016), Assemble (a-n) (2017), ArtLicks (2018), Kingston University & Croydon Arts Store (2019), Aha! Festival (2019) and Artist Run Network Europe (2021).


2020-2021 - International Curatorial Program, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, DE

2020 - Between Design and Architecture (free standing course), HDK-Valand, Göteborg, SE

2016-2018 - MFA Fri Konst, Akadmin Valand, Göteborg, SE

2011-2014 - BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK


GIBCA Extended - Vernissage Coordinator - 2021

Raumdeuter Radio [here] - Project Manager - 2020-
2021 - Göteborg
2022 - Glasgow
2022 - Brussels
2023 - Tallinn
2023 - Sofia

Ephemeral Care [here] - Stearing committee member & contributor - 2018-

Godisfabriken Konstateljè[here] - Programme coordinator - 2021-

UK Young Artist - Curator - 2016-2017

EM15 Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale - Pavilion Assitant - 2015

H U T T - Founder & Director/Curator - 2014-2019

The Writing Room - Residency Coordinator - 2013-2016
2016 - The Writing Room, Felicity Barrow
2015 - The Writing Room, Beth Kettel
2014 - The Writing Room, Rob Flint
2013 - The Writing Room, Joanne Lee

Freelance Gallery Technician - 2014-2017

EM15 Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale - Pavilion Assitant - 2015

Aha! Festival - Festival Assitant - 2019


2021 - A Tree Root Tapping on a Concrete Coffin, Göteborgs Kulturnatta 2021, Godisfabriken Konstateljè, Faux Pas Cafè & Sockerbruket, Göteborg, SE w/ Beth Kettel

2021 - On Strange Tides, Godisfabriken Konstateljè, Göteborg, SE w/ Margareta Andersson, Alexander Stevenson, Åsa Båve, Josefin Tingvall, Ekwe Nordin, Jo Oqvist, Helga Härenstam, Danielle Heath & P*D*A*

2021 - The Exhibition is in Transit vol.1, Göteborg:Ephemeral Care. w/ Martì Manen, Tal Gilad, Winnie Herbstein, Jade Foster, P*D*A*, Jaakko Pallasvuo & Cosmos Carl [here]

2021 - Raumdeuter Radio: Göteborg, Kasra Sayed Alikhani, Rose Brander, Mariella Ottosson, Nontokozo Tshabalala, Kolbrùn Inga Söring, Göteborg, SE

2018 - Kulturnatta 2018: HUTT Presents Riikka Gröndahl and Johan Melander, Tredje Långgatan 8, Göteborg, SE

2018 - Ephemeral Care journal launch and listening event, Croydon Arts Store, Croydon, London, UK (as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2018. Curated with Connor Brazier) w/ Gabriel Nils Edvinsson, bod [包家巷] & James Findlay

2017 - Five Finger Discount, Bronze Dog, Göteborg, SE w/ Adam Grüning, Aimee Walker, Alice Gale-Feeny, Charlie Duck, Charlie Godet Thomas, Christoffer Rutström, Dan Szor, Demelza Watts, Eva Duerden, Greg Herbert, Harry Meadley, Isobel Wohl, Jacob Watmore, Jake Laffoley, Jill McKnight, Littlewhitehead, Lucy Vann, Molly Eliza Gough, Rob Flint, Rudy Loewe, Sam Hutchinson

2017 - BJCEM Mediterrania 18: Durana, Tirana and Durrës, Albania - UK Young Artists representation w/ Sadegh Aleahmad & Jamal Sterrett, Toby Campion, Ant Hamlyn, Conor Rogers, Maryam Tafakory

2017 - Algorithm Shudder, HUTT, Nottingham, UK (curated with Connor Brazier) w/ Asbjørn Skou

2016 - UK Young Artists National Festival 2016, Derby, UK

2016 - Pesky Doncker, Foolish Barnet, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Charlie Duck

2016 - BACK/BOX, Lee Rosy's Tea, Nottingham, UK w/ Aimee Bollu

2016 - Why Can't I Fly Supersonic Anymore?, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Andrew Sim

2016 - Sand Cities, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Victoria Grenier

2016 - BACK/BOX, Lee Rosy's Tea, Nottingham, UK w/ Alfie Strong

2016 - Blend Blend, or, The Caretaker and other Detritus, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Beth Kettel

2016 - Geometric Youth, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Frédéric Liwer

2016 - BACK/BOX, Lee Rosy's, Nottingham, UK w/ Sam Hewland

2015 - Rabble M.C., HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Alfie Strong, Billy Craigan-Toon, Bobby Sayers, Ciarán Harrington, Connor Brazier, Harry Meadley, Jack Fisher, Jake Kent, John Fuller, Mark Riddington, Monty, Oliver Tirré, Robert Thomas James Mills, Sam Hewland and Simon Raven

2015 - No Light Waits I, Primary, Nottingham, UK w/ Rob Flint, Ciarán Harrington and Joe Rowley

2015 - Nottamun Town, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Daniel Sean Kelly

2015 - MacGuffin, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Mimi Winsor

2015 - Significant Culture, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Dominic Watson

2014 - Harry Hurlock, HUTT, Nottingham, UK w/ Harry Hurlock


2020 - Interactive Arts Celebration, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, UK

2019 - Monumental Atrophy, Aha! Festival, Chalmers Tekniska Högskolan, Göteborg, SE

2018 - Bad Timing, Göteborgs Konsthallen, Göteborg, SE

2018 - Sexy Boy Unites Salford, After School Club, Paradise Works, Manchester, UK

2017 - Mellankomst, Göteborgs Sjöfartsmuseet, Göteborg, Sweden

2017 - Mixer - an artist led cocktail party, as part of Assembly Liverpool organised by Kevin Hunt for a-n, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK

2017 - Fresh ‘n’ Frozen, 12ø Collective, London, UK

2016 - Losers Gym Auction, Losers Gym, Nottingham, UK

2016 - Doug Fishbone's Leasure Land Golf and Sunscreen, Quad, Derby, UK

2016 - Accrochage/Décrochage: Exposition mise á nue par Ex Habere- multiple public locations, Brussels, BE

2016 - Doug Fishbone's Leasure Land Golf and Sunscreen, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK

2016 - Magik LTD., Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

2015 - Prism 18, Eyre Street Studios, Sheffield, UK

2015 - No Light Waits I, Primary, Nottingham, UK

2015 - Socc(err) it to Umm, The Plinth, Glasgow, UK (solo)

2015 - NOSHOW, online

2015 - Sunscreen Applied, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK

2015 - Prism 2, Toast, Manchester, UK

2015 - Sunscreen, EM15 at the 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, IT

2014 - Loud Tate: All Glitched Up, Tate Britain, London, UK

2014 - Test Yourself Before You Best Yourself, MySight Gallery, Nottingham, UK (solo)

2014 - Send in the Clowns, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

Selected publications

An Anxious Rhapsody - ABBA: The Visitors (2021) - Blank, issue #3: Disco

The Exhibition is in Transit: Embarkation (May 2021) - fLoromancy & Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... "The Curatorial", Contact Zones and Rafts (April 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... The Importance of being Idle (March 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... Communities, Assemblage and AL&SO (February 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... Ukeles and Antibodies (February 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... Sonafabitches, Barthes and Caring Communities (January 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Reflecting on... Sound and Me: Vito Acconci (January 2021) - Ephemeral Care

Ephemeral Care vol.1 Beginning or Periphery (October 2018) - Featuring texts by Lucy Wilson and Joe Rowley and interviews with Kaisa Luukkonen and The White Pube


2021 - Exhibition Texts - Writing, Editing and Ethics - NODE Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, DE

2021 - To Whom Are You Responsible? [Raumdeuter Radio listening event] - Boy Konsthall, Bollebygd, Västra Götaland, SE. w/ Rose Brander

2021 - Welcome to Ephemeral Care - Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, SE. w/ Hanna Skoglar and Giulia Busetti.

2021 - Community: a workshop - Godisfabriken Konstateljè, Göteborg, SE. w/ Connor Brazier & Giulia Busetti

2021 - Raumdeuter Radio Panel Discussion - Godisfabriken Konstateljè, Göteborg, SE. w/ Mariella Ottosson, Kasra Seyed Alikhani and Gabriel Nils Edvinsson.

2021 - The Exhibition is in Transit x The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change: Digital Reading Group - Online. w/ Hanna Skoglar, Giulia Busetti, COnnor Brazier & Felicia Robertson

2021 - Welcome to Ephemeral Care - Konstfack, Stockholm, SE

2019 - Community with H U T T - Croydon Arts Store, London, UK. w/ Connor Brazier
-A workshop with participants from Croydon Arts Store, Pacto and Sandwich Collective, in association with Croydon Arts Store and Kingston University - Responding to the question "How can artist led and self organised spaces uniquely benifit community?".

2016 - Initiating Artist Led - Derby Theatre, Derby, UK. w/ representatives from Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, UK and Garth Gratrix of Abingdon Studios, Blackpool, UK.

2016 - Thinking Sight Specific - Loughborough University, Loughborough,UK
-a workshop with Fine Art students at Loughborough University investigating approaches to sight specificity in art.